Home Inspection Services in Hudson, WI

interior view of vacant house

When you need a house inspector in Hudson, WI and surrounding areas, Willow River Home Inspections is your perfect partner. We apply decades of experience and contractor expertise to thoroughly and accurately inspect every aspect of your property. Consider us your one-stop shop for any home inspection needs! Our comprehensive inspection services include:

  • Home inspection: Are you purchasing a new home? Such a significant investment warrants a careful examination of the property’s systems and structure. Willow River Home Inspections provides the professional-grade house inspection in Hudson, WI you need to make informed decisions about your property.
  • HVAC inspection: One of the most crucial systems in your home is the HVAC service. If repairs or replacement are required, this can be one of the most expensive systems to maintain. Our expertise allows us to inform you of any potential concerns, so you know what to expect from the life of your HVAC service.
  • Electrical and plumbing inspection: Are your systems up do code? Do they pose any safety hazards for you and your family? Fully licensed and certified, our contractor-experienced technicians can answer these important questions about your property. We will provide a thorough inspection of your electrical and plumbing systems, reviewing all results with you personally.
  • Roof inspection: As you examine the condition of your property, this is an area owners often overlook. Yet, it is essential to the health of your home. Our trained inspectors review your house from foundation to shingles, providing a detailed report for your records.
  • Garage inspection: Don’t forget this important part of your property. As well as ensuring your living quarters are safe, we’ll provide a careful examination of your garage, to detect any electrical, construction or other issues with this structure.
  • Radon testing: Willow River Home Inspections is a certified radon inspector. We provide radon testing in the Hudson, WI and Twin City Metro areas to help you decide if you should hire a radon mitigation specialist for remediation services.
  • Water Sample Tests: Willow River Home Inspections will perform water sample tests on site. While other home inspectors might need to call outside help, we are fully equipped to handle all of your water testing needs.
  • Well and Sewer Inspections: As licensed well-drilling contractors, we can offer Well and Sewer inspections as part of your home inspection.

From top to bottom and inside out, Willow River Home Inspections offers unparalleled house inspections in Hudson, WI, the Twin City Metro area, and anywhere else in Western Wisconsin. Contact our experts today at 651-352-5618 to schedule your property’s inspection.